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We mainly publish books on dialect and slang. They are pocket size and priced to match, making the perfect gift for anyone who has an interest in their roots from Yiddish to Scouse, via Scotland, Ireland, Australia and America.

All our titles are listed below. Please click on More Info for a brief description of their contents. Click on Buy Now to be taken straight to our Ordering page. 

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If you would like to contact us, please email us at absonbooks@aol.com



 All Glossaries @ 2.50


Australian English | Abson Books
Australian English
ISBN 9780902920712

Cumbrian English | Abson Books
Cumbrian English
ISBN 9780902920804

Geordie English | Abson Books
Geordie English
ISBN 9780902920842

Home Counties English | Abson Books
Home Counties English
ISBN 9780902920958





Irish English | Abson Books
Irish English
ISBN 9780902920477

Lancashire English | Abson Books
Lancashire English
ISBN 9780902920972

London Taxi Slang | Abson Books
London Taxi Driver
ISBN 9780902920910

Military Slang | Abson Books
Military Slang
ISBN 9780902920927





Playground Slang & Teenspeak | Abson Books
Playground & Teenspeak Slang
ISBN 9780902920903

Police Slang | Abson Books
Police Slang
ISBN 9780902920866

Rhyming Cockney Slang | Abson Books
Rhyming Cockney Slang
ISBN 9780902920040

Rude Rhyming Slang | Abson Books
Rude Rhyming Slang
ISBN 9780902920835





Scottish English | Abson Books
Scottish English
ISBN 9780902920118

Scouse English | Abson Books
Scouse English
ISBN 9780902920941

West Country English | |Abson Books
West Country English
ISBN 9780902920811

Yiddish English | Abson Books
Yiddish English
ISBN 9780902920590





Yorkshire English | Abson Books
Yorkshire English
ISBN 9780902920736






 Other Titles


The Death of Kings | Abson Books

The Death of Kings
ISBN 9780902920996
Price: 9.95





Who's Buried Where? | Abson Books

Who's Buried Where?
ISBN 9780902920859
Price: 3.95




 Literary Quiz & Puzzle Books @ 4.95


These titles offer a wealth of entertainment and brain wracking filled, as they are, with
a fiendish variety of puzzles and quizzes designed to test your knowledge of each author's
work. All titles have the added attraction of illustrations from the period. They have an
average of 44 pages and measure approximately 20 cm x 13 cm.





The Bronte Sisters Quiz and Puzzle Book | Abson Books
Bronte Sisters
ISBN 9780902920514

The Charles Dickens Quiz and Puzzle Book | Abson Books
Charles Dickens
ISBN 9780902920651

The Shakespeare Quiz and Puzzle Book | Abson Books
ISBN 9780902920569





The Sherlock Holmes Quiz and Puzzle Book | Abson Books
Sherlock Homes
ISBN 9780902920620

The Thomas Hardy Quiz and Puzzle Book | Abson Books
Thomas Hardy
ISBN 9780902920668


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